Conditions of Use

Transaction Parties

Seller - LILIO company based in Krosno at ul. Pużaka 51B; VAT: 6841196039, REGON: 380985240 entered in the Register of Entrepreneurs kept by the Mayor of Krosno, offers the purchase of goods placed in the online shop on


  • zakupy z płatnością kartą Visa / Mastercard: Władysława Gierucka LILIO z siedzibą w 38-400 Krosno, Pużaka 51B, NIP 6841195991 REGON 389731759 wpisana do CEIDG, oferuje nabycie towarów umieszczonych w sklepie internetowym dla odbiorców hurtowych (B2C).
  • zakupy z płatnością standardowy przelew / płatność online szybki przelew / Blik - Andrzej Bajger LILIO z siedzibą w 38-400 Krosno, Pużaka 51B, NIP 6841059839 REGON 371159701
  • firma Barbara Jaroszyńska LILIO z siedzibą w 38-400 Krosno, Pużaka 51B, NIP 6841807690 REGON 386967728, oferuje nabycie towarów umieszczonych w sklepie internetowym dla odbiorców detalicznych (B2B).

Orders placed in the LILIO online store may be filed by any natural person who is 18 years of age and registered for permanent or temporary residence in the territory of the Republic of Poland and any legal person established in the territory of the Republic of Poland.

Subject matter transaction

All prices shown on the LILIO website are gross (includes VAT) and are expressed in the currency of the selected shop from the list available.

The binding for the parties is the price displayed at the product when the order was placed by the Customer. Also, other information on the store page, such as the contents of the kit, the delivery cost, and any other terms and conditions, are binding on the parties in accordance with their content at the time of placing the order.

The shop reserves the right to change the prices of goods on offer, to introduce new goods to the store's offer, to carry out promotional campaigns on the store's website or to make changes to them.

In the case of promotional sales and sales for which a limited number of items are intended, the execution of the order will follow the order of receipt of confirmed orders for those goods until the stocks covered by this form of sales are exhausted.

If all or part of the goods covered by the order are not available, the buyer will be informed immediately. The buyer will have a decision on how to complete the order, ie partial delivery, waiting time or cancellation of the entire order.

All products offered at LILIO shop are brand new, free of physical and legal defects and legally introduced to the Polish market.

Product descriptions and photos are owned by LILIO.


The condition of order fulfillment is:

  • Correct form filling in the LILIO website

  • Provide valid personal information: name, full address, email address and telephone number, allowing our employee to verify the accuracy of the order. The shop may refuse to perform an order whose reliability was not confirmed within 3 business days.

The store employee will confirm by telephone or e-mail the receipt of the order and, depending on the payment method chosen by you, will send further instructions (in case of payment for collection - information on sending the item, in case of payment by bank transfer - account number).

In the case of a transfer after posting a deposit. The moment of payment is the moment of receipt of the price for the specified goods on the Seller's account (in case of payment by bank transfer to the Seller's account).

For each goods sold, the Seller issues a receipt or a VAT invoice. The buyer authorizes LILIO to issue an invoice without his signature.

The telephone or e-mail confirmation of the seller's order is the last opportunity for a possible misrepresentation of misleading personal details or erroneous orders by the buyer.


LILIO reserves the right

  • Refusal to complete the order at every stage of its implementation in the case of unavailability of ordered goods from suppliers. In particular, this is the case where, due to obvious clerical error or technical malfunction, a manifest and grossly incompatible price or data of the presented product will occur with reality.

  • Refusal to complete the order at every stage of its implementation due to other important economic or logistical reasons.

  • If you make a payment by wire transfer, cancel the order if the transfer was not made within the appropriate amount within 10 days of the order.

  • If within 3 working days of placing the order is not confirmed it is rejected.

The ordering party declares that he has read the Terms and Conditions of the shop and accepts its provisions. If the Ordering Party fails to comply with the provisions of the Regulations, LILIO is entitled to cancel the order placed.

Forms of payment

The ordered goods can be paid as follows:

  • Payment card payment - electronic payment authorization runs on Dotpay sites

  • Payment via PayPal via Dotpay

In exceptional cases, when ordering products outside the Seller's offer, which require them to be brought back by the supplier specifically for this order, the shop may require the Customer to pay an advance payment of 20% of the value of the ordered goods.

The buyer is obliged to pay the final price, which is the resulting purchase price of the goods plus transport costs.

Settlements of credit card transactions and e-money transfer are carried out through the Dotpay Settlement Center.



Forms and delivery costs

We are currently shipping to most European countries - a list of countries below.

Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Nowergia, Poland, Spain, Sweden, England.

Delivery costs are given in detail for each product in the tab - Delivery.



Complaints regarding mechanical damage or defects in the delivered goods will be handled only if the complaint logger is present at the time of receipt of the shipment in the presence of the shipping company representative. The appropriate printout of the protocol should be available at the shipping company's representative, who delivers the package to the Buyer's designated address.

In the absence of protocol printing, a handwritten Buyer's declaration describing the condition of the goods, their security and packaging should be made. This statement must also include the date, the Buyer's signature and the shipping company's agent (courier).

The Buyer is obliged to immediately register the complaint event by completing the complaint form and is required to contact the LILIO employee within 3 working days of the delivery of the parcel, at the telephone number indicated on the website.

Acceptance by the Buyer of the item without notice results in the termination of claims for loss or mechanical damage. If the Buyer fails to perform the same with the carrier of the injury protocol at the time of pickup or within 7 days of delivery, the complaint will be closed.


Any technical problems (failures, malfunctions, hidden defects) related to the purchased product are solved by authorized service centers in Poland, whose addresses are on the warranty card or on the manufacturer's / importer's website.

The shop is liable if the nonconformity of the goods with the contract in accordance with art. 10 Law on special consumer terms of 27 July 2002 Customer loses the rights specified in the aforementioned law, if within two months of the declaration of nonconformity of the goods with the contract does not notify the shop about this fact. In the event of nonconformity of the goods with the contract, the goods advertised along with a letter defining the type of nonconformity and expectations regarding the way of fulfilling our obligations, should be sent to the address LILIO.

By defining the manner of accomplishing the obligations of the store, the customer has the right to demand that he be brought into a contractual state by free repair or replacement, unless repairs or replacements are impossible or require excessive costs. If the store is unable to meet certain requests, the customer has the right to demand the applicable price reduction or may waive the contract.

The store will respond to customer requests within 14 business days of notification of nonconformity. If the existence of nonconformity with the contract of purchase at the time of issue is not obvious and the matter will require additional technical expertise by external companies, with the consumer's consent, another 14 day period will be determined. seller. If within 14 days the store does not respond to customer requests, it means that the claim was considered justified.



According to the Act of 2 March 2000 on the protection of certain consumer rights and liability for damage caused by a dangerous product (Journal of Laws No. 22, item 271 of 2000, as amended), the Buyer may LILIO without giving a reason by submitting In writing, a withdrawal notice within a distance of 30 days from the date of receipt of the shipment, and by telephoning the intention to withdraw from the contract under the telephone number indicated on the website.

The returned product can not be copied, dismantled, have traces of use and must be delivered with its original packaging, any security foil, documents and account, no later than 30 days after the date of withdrawal.

Warranty, warranty and withdrawal right do not apply when the product delivered to the Buyer is damaged by external sources. In the above situation, the provisions of these regulations apply.

In the case of unfounded Buyer's claim for withdrawal, LILIO reserves the right to deduct the cost of packing the goods.

In the event of a reasonable withdrawal by the Buyer, the shop guarantees a refund of the amount equal to the price paid plus the cost of shipping the goods to LILIO. Cash for undamaged, returned goods within the required time, are returned by transfer to the bank account specified by the buyer within 14 days of receiving the goods and signed corrective invoice if the goods were purchased for the company. Delivery costs and LILIO's liability for damage caused by the return of the goods returned or advertised are the responsibility of LILIO.

In the case of unjustified complaint or damage to the goods due to the fault of the user, all costs of the aforementioned procedures shall be borne by the Buyer.

Final Provisions

The information on the website of LILIO shop is not a commercial offer within the meaning of the Civil Code. The purchase - sale contract is made upon written confirmation of the goods received by the customer on the consignment note.

Incorrect indications as a result of errors or delays in updating the price of a product can not be the basis for claiming the seller.

All products and names and trademarks posted on the LILIO web site are used for identification purposes only and may be registered trademarks of their respective owners.

Placing an order signifies consent to the storage and processing by LILIO of the personal data contained in the order pursuant to the Personal Data Protection Act of 29.08.1997 (Journal of Laws of 2002 No.101, item 926 as amended) and will not be made available to third parties. The customer has the right to inspect his / her data, to correct them, and to request that their use be discontinued or removed.

In cases not covered above, the relevant provisions of the Civil Code shall apply. Disputes arising from the implementation of sales contracts between the LILIO shop and consumers will be resolved first by negotiation, with the intention of concluding an amicable settlement. However, if this is not possible or would be unsatisfactory for either party, any disputes will be resolved by a common court competent for the Seller's premises.

The consumer can use extrajudicial means to handle complaints and claims. To take advantage of the possibility of solving disputes related to online shopping in our store, you can file your complaint, for example, via the EU ODR web site available at:

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