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LILIO is a unique product created by exceptional people - exclusively hand-made products produced in the Podkarpacie region in the south of Poland. We work with artisans who love what they do - to create soul-borne products that bring huge amounts of positive energy to homes, apartments and offices. These are our products. This is LILIO.



Our story is really a story of where we come from and where our products come from. This unusual place has for years been associated with the production of unique products, known and appreciated all over the world. Yes. That's right Krosno glass is a recognized brand recognized from New York in the USA, through Tokyo in Japan to Sydney, Australia. It's not our merit.

It is thanks to the exceptional people who learned about glass production often from their relatives - parents, relatives, uncles. Those in turn received it from their own, as this knowledge is passed down from generation to generation. And only thanks to that in our neighborhood we still have so many metallurgists and craftsmen who would produce glass products for hours. We are only a handful of people who were born and raised here, and who want to deliver these unique products to your homes, sometimes hundreds or even thousands of miles away.

In our shop we offer selected by us, unique decorations and gifts produced mainly by artists and craftsmen in our area. You will find here wonderful glass decorations like candles, cups and Christmas tree balls. We also offer beautiful clay angels, which you will buy online only from us. We also have wonderful candles for you with amazing shapes and colors.

We are trying to expand our offer by co-operating with other local manufactures, so that our offer with each month will be increasing. Our products are of the highest quality, produced by hand only, in small expenditure and exclusively by Polish artists and craftsmen. Our offer is soul products, as you will find out as soon as you open the package from us.

If you are in the area, we strongly encourage you to visit our town - Krosno, and the surrounding area. Be sure to visit the Podkarpackie Museum, where you will learn how rich is the glass history of our city. Also go to the Glass Heritage Center, which will show you how hard and demanding is the work of a metallurgist or a craftsman, you will feel what a furnace mill with a temperature of a thousand degrees and you yourself try to blow a glass ball. It's a brilliant place to meet fantastic people and you will not be bored.

We had the opportunity to visit these places with our guests who share their experiences on our blog. We also travel a lot. Regularly to places very close to us, ie in the nearby Bieszczady and Tatra Mountains, and from time to time in quite distant places.

There are places where we visit regularly, where close friends are waiting for us like Warsaw, Poznań or Krakow. There are also the ones we get for the first time, who always captivate us with their beautiful landscape, their kitchen and where we always know wonderful people, we listen to their stories, discover how much we are connected despite sometimes sharing thousands of miles.

Each such trip is a separate story, which we are happy to share through blog posts and posts on our profiles, which we warmly welcome.



LILIO - kim jesteśmy

LILIO - kim jesteśmy

LILIO - kim jesteśmy

LILIO - kim jesteśmy




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