Handmade decorations and gifts

We believe that surrounding yourself with beautiful things gives joy and happiness. Especially when these things were done by other people. Produced by artists who gave their shape and color to their own hands.

We believe that our handicraft can give you and your loved ones joy, make your life more joyful.

Our artists create their products, put not only their work, but above all the heart. They want to make your life more positive, take on new colors.

And this is our main goal - to give joy and make life more happy.
Hand-made decorative figurines, baubles, Christmas tree decorations, graphics
That's why our hand-made decorative figurines, hand-gilded graphics and other home decorations are so colorful. Their positive shapes and colors cause a smile on the face, cause that the surroundings around them are filled with positive energy, and all around feel better.

Each product is a different story, different circumstances and emotions. There are no two identical decorations or souvenirs, angel figurines or handmade Christmas baubles.

And this is the magic of handicrafts. In them are included emotions, mood, circumstances of creation. And with these emotions we want to share with you.

It may happen that when you buy the first angel and put it in your living room or hang it in your bedroom, you will feel that you want another one.

Everyone who is sensitive to beauty reacts in this way. They want to have more of it in their lives. They want to share it with their loved ones. They want to give joy to others.

And yet there is nothing more beautiful than giving joy.

Think about whether to put off shopping for another moment. Because there is never an ideal moment to buy, a better moment may never come.

Live here and now. Enjoy every moment. Give joy to yourself and your loved ones now.
Hand-made soaps, coffee and chocolate
Our offer is complemented by products that we know and use on a daily basis.

They are hand-made soaps with different scents, including goat's milk soaps produced by Gosia in their farm.

They are hand-made chocolates produced by a chocolate expert - Mirosława, who created a unique place - the Chocolate Factory. His chocolate is one of the best on the market, and since then there is also pink chocolate - Ruby - with a natural, pink color.

And like chocolate, we could not miss good coffee, which we are also great foodie :).

You will find freshly roasted coffee - roasted in a nearby mini coffee roaster run by a great coffee enthusiast - Grzegorz. When buying a coffee with us, you can be sure that you will receive the highest quality coffee, from a reliable source and, above all, freshly baked.

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