Synesthetic watercolors in the form of hand-gilded graphics

Our offer has expanded to handmade gilded graphics by Ms. Alina Skiby created from large-format watercolors.


How we handpaint our figurines

See how are figurines are painted. A few moments from our angels' life.


History of Christmas balls - from merry apples to eco balls

Christmas Tree - When December comes, many people around the world are thinking of this small tree. It turns out that the tradition of dressing up a Christmas tree goes back to the very ancient, pagan...


Glass Heritage Center in Krosno - video

We visit an unusual place in Krosno - the Glass Heritage Center with a visitor from Poznań.


How we decorate Deers - video

How we paint and decorate deers on white, shiny glass ball.


How we paint and decorate golden huts on black glass ball.


How we hand paint Angels - video

How we hand paint and decorate golden angels on glass christmas ball.


How do we paint Red Hats - video

How we paint and decorate red huts on white, shiny glass ball.

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